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   Here at Triskelle Pictures, we put our heart into promotional videos for clients, but our first love will always be narrative fiction films.  Our passion has been rewarded, as all of our short films have screened at festivals around the world, and many of them have won awards - one even made it onto the BAFTA longlist in 2015!


   As well as directing our own pieces, our founder Sophie Black has worked as a producer on other peoples' films, so we have a broad knowledge of different types of production.


   Our strength lies in films with strong visuals but real emotions and characters at the heart, so feel free to get in contact if you believe you have the perfect project for us.


   Find out more about our past and current productions:






                  DEEP RED SUN (2008)      THE OPENING NIGHT (2010)          STOP/EJECT (2013) 



                              ASHES (2013)                             THE DRESS (2015)                  NIGHT OWLS (2015)                 





                           SONGBIRD (2017)             THE POISON IVY FAN FILM        LEPIDOPTERIST (2019)





                                                           THE BARN                               night owls &

                                                    (WORKING TITLE)                          early birds







   Or you can see some of our productions in motion in Sophie Black's director showreel:























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(In Development) 

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