THE DRESS (2015)

A young woman suffers a mental breakdown on the day of her fiance's funeral.


With a lack of anything black in her wardrobe, she turns her attention to what would've been her wedding dress.


Starring Aislinn De'Ath (Silent Witness) as Grace. This film was shot and edited in under a day as part of Derby Film Festival and Five Lamps Films' 24hr Film Competition - and was awarded second place!



Watch the original cut    |   Read the story behind the shoot






Aislinn De'Ath


Story by

Claudia Salina


Written, Directed & Edited by

Sophie Black



Christopher Newman


1st AD

Laura C. Cann


Sound Design & Score (extended cut)

Edward Harvey


Music (original cut)

" She's Asleep" by Moby

(Courtesy of






"A simple idea with a very powerful central image, EXPERTLY filmed and edited to convey the sheer DEBILITAING weight of GRIEF."


- Elliot Davies, FCK LDN


"Echoes of a modern day MRS HAVERSHAM!"


- Ashley Carter, Leftlion Nottingham


Two Best Actress Nominations - Festigious & The Actors Awards 2017

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