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Songbird (2018)

The short fantasy drama Songbird is a modern day fairytale for all lovers of music and fantasy, and it marked our third collaboration with screenwriter Tommy Draper. The film, starring Janet Devlin (The X Factor) and theatre star Therese Collins (Anita and Me, Stop/Eject), also featured an original soundtrack with songs mastered at Abbey Road Studios.

After an epic shoot in summer 2016, the film went on to win 26 awards at festivals around the world, including 'Performance of the Festival' for Janet Devlin at the 2018 Actors Awards Los Angeles. Scroll to the bottom of the page for the full list of awards and reviews.

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"Alludes to well-known fairy-tale myth, from Sleeping Beauty to the imagery of Little Red Riding Hood... Therese Collins is excellent as a classic villain... Songbird is a tremendous short that shows the importance of voices... Sophie Black demonstrates a skill for the craft of filmmaking and has created an artistic short with a raft of narrative to keep an audience captivated. With a selection of thematic and emotional beats, Songbird therefore takes flight with a magical trip from the mic stand to wonderland."

(Michael Sales, Midlands Movies)


"We are happy to go wherever Jennifer takes us... Songbird is an enjoyable fairytale with an engaging central performance from Devlin, who creates genuine humanity within a world of fantasy."

(UK Film Review)

"Janet Devlin's performance as shy singer Jennifer is such a delight! She speaks through her soul... Even though she couldn't speak, we could feel her inner voice throughout. Janet is absolutely mesmerising in this beautiful modern fairy-tale."

(The Actors Awards, Los Angeles)

"Songbird presents itself with beautiful visuals and strong performances. There is an endearing innocence about it that draws in and compels the audience... The film's pastel colour palette suits it perfectly and the design of the piece is flawless... "


(Largo Film Awards)


"Refreshingly sensitive... Janet Devlin has a very charismatic screen presence... [Songbird is] an aesthetically beautiful fantasy, definitely worth a watch."

(Indie Shorts Magazine)

"[Sophie] Black easily conjures up an ambience that is reminiscent of those eighties fantasy staples Legend and Labyrinth... Janet Devlin has a natural screen presence and acting ability that show she has just as much talent in front of a camera."

(We Are Cult)



Best Fantasy Film

Olympus Film Festival, January 2019


Best Fantasy Film

LA Film Awards, June 2019


Best Fantasy Film

Nominated: Best Picture

The New York Film Awards, June 2019



Best Fantasy Film &

Honourable Mention: Cinematography

Nominated: Best Picture & Best Screenplay

Festigious Film Festival, June 2019


Original Song ('Chandeliers')

Nominated: Best Director & Best VFX

The Midlands Movies Awards 2019


Best Fantasy

Fargo Fantastic Film Festival 2019


Best Music

The Fantasy/Sci-Fi Film Festival 2019


Honourable Mention

Nominated: Best Music Score

& Best Fantasy or Mystery Short

New Renaissance Film Festival 2019


The Performance Short Film Competition

 London, November 2018



Best Fantasy Film

Top Shorts Film Festival, June 2019


Best Sci-Fi/ Fantasy

Nominated: Best Score/Soundtrack & Best VFX

The Nexus Film Awards 2019


Best Performance of the Festival,

Best Actress in a Fantasy Film,

Best Supporting Actor & Best Supporting Actress

The Actors Awards Los Angeles, June 2019


Best Foreign Theme Song ('Chandeliers')

Artemis Women in Action Film Festival



Best Family Friendly Film

Lady Filmmakers Festival 2019


Best Make-up/FX

The Festival of Cinema NYC 2019


Best Fantasy Film &

Runner Up: Best Producer

Nominated: Judge's Choice Award

Out of the Can Film Festival 2019


Best Actress in a Dramatic Short Film or Music Video (Intl.): Janet Devlin

Best Direction for a Dramatic Short Film or Music Video (Intl.)

Best Cinematography for a Dramatic Short Film or Music Video (Intl.)

Best Audio/Music for a Dramatic Short Film or Music Video (Intl.)

Best Costumes in a Dramatic Short Film or Music Video (Intl.)

Best Makeup in a Dramatic Short Film or Music Video (Intl.)

Rising Star Award - Dramatic Short Film or Music Video (Intl.): Janet Devlin

Colorado International SciFi & Fantasy Film Festival 2019

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