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Growing Shadows (2019)

Someone has been poisoning the residents of Gotham, using venomous plants. All signs suggest that this is the work of Poison Ivy - but as she's been locked up inside Arkham Asylum, how could she be responsible? A mysterious visitor will find out the truth. Growing Shadows: The Poison Ivy Fan Film was made in association with Flight of Fancy Films, and shot in an underground location in April 2018.

Please note, this film is not endorsed by DC in any way - it's a passion project made by (and for) people who adore the subject matter.

For that reason, no one involved has or will ever make a profit on the material. 

"A suitably Danny Elfman-style score, harking back to Tim Burton’s two Batman films, is one of many welcome nods to the caped crusader’s gothic origins. Sophie Black has reinterpreted this classic DC villainess whilst also exploring her own dark obsessions in this greenhouse of horrors."

(Michael Sales, Midlands Movies)

"Beautifully shot, love the use of lighting - you could tell who Ivy's visitor was from the framing of the shadows on his face, a SUPERB touch. A far far better Ivy than Uma Thurman, that's for sure! 4/5 dark and atmospheric, a clever take on the comic narrative."

(Judges' Reviews, Beeston Film Festival)

"A great little fan film made by a cast that obviously has a love for the source material... all in all it's a movie for fans of the DC franchises, which Hollywood desperately needs to look into and maybe give us a proper, full feature Ivy film."

(Sid The Vicious, IMDb User Review)


WINNER: Best Female Actor in a Short/Feature Film - Something Wicked FanFest 2021

WINNER: Audience Choice Award: Best Fan-Film Short Film - Something Wicked Film Festival 2021

FINALIST: Best Picture, Best Actress, Best Director & Best Cinematography - The Azure Lorica Fan Film Awards 2020

SEMI-FINALIST: Best Actor - The Azure Lorica Fan Film Awards 2020

NOMINATED: Best Science-Fiction Film - Beeston Film Festival 2020

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