Triskelle Pictures was created back in 2008, while founder Sophie Black was completing her degree at the University for the Creative Arts. Under this name, she created two of her early films - Deep Red Sun (2008) and The Opening Night (2010) - which both screened at independent film festivals in the year of her graduation.

















   Triskelle Pictures became the studio it is today when it helped to create Neil Oseman's Stop/Eject (in association with Jigawatt Pictures) and released Ashes, both made in 2012. Both films were offered distribution deals at the 2013 Cannes Film Festival, and Stop/Eject premiered at the prestigious Raindance Film Festival in 2014, before making it onto the long list for Best British Short Film at BAFTA 2015.


   We then released Night Owls, co-written by the award-winning screenwriter Tommy Draper, which premiered at London Short Film Festival in early 2016, and won 17 awards at smaller festivals across the world. Our latest films are the short fantasy Songbird, starring The X Factor's Janet Devlin (which is doing the festival circuit now), and the upcoming Poison Ivy fan film.


   The company is growing every day, specialising in music videos and visual narrative promotional films, as well as offering art department services. Find out more about the people in the Triskelle Pictures team and their other creative partners here.

Click on the video below to find out more about how Triskelle Pictures started, in our own words:

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