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A Different Place (2022)

Set within the confines of her hotel room, forty-something Evelyn (Michelle Darkin Price) embarks on a journey of self-discovery with Cleo (Adaya Henry), a younger woman who exudes the kind of confidence Evelyn has only dreamed of. They share a drink, a smile, an instant connection, and an unforgettable night that Evelyn cannot ignore nor fully encompass.

Our latest film was made possible by the BFI NETWORK with National Lottery funding. Produced by Katie Lake and Charlie Clarke of Cat on the Wall Productions, with Development & Assistant Producing by Denyce Blackman. Written by Tommy Draper & Z. Igbe. Directed by Sophie Black.

More information to come soon as our film continues its festival journey!


"A wonderful two-hander about courage and suppressed desire... a thought-provoking story about life-changing choices as the characters unravel themselves, enhanced by incredibly strong writing that gives the actors a stage to shine on, and a complex lead performance which is where most of the dynamic and focus is. The film beautifully captures her conflicted state."

(Vancouver International Film Festival)

"Beautiful, touching drama... a film audiences will really be able to engage with."

(Norwich Film Festival)


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