Lepidopterist (2021)

A young scientist drives away from a lab with a large box in the back of her van. But what does it contain? What follows is a tense adventure story about man's relationship with nature, and the lengths we can go to to protect the things we love. 

The film - made in association with Toothpix - was originally shot and edited within two days (and released under the name 'FIFTY/FIFTY') as our first entry into the Sci-Fi London 48hr Film Competition.​ However, we love the film and its characters so much, that we decided to create an extended cut to submit to festivals - complete with extra scenes and a new name! More updates to come soon.

"Beautiful as expected. Not the ending I expected (in a good way). Gorgeous!"

(Judges' Reviews, Beeston Film Festival)

NOMINATED: Best Editing & Best Music - The Midlands Movies Awards 2021