Here at Triskelle Pictures, every member of the team is a music lover. Music plays an important role in every stage of production on our films: in pre-production, we create new 'inspiration playlists' for every project, and in post-production, we find the best local independent artists to work on our film's soundtracks. With the short film 'Songbird', starring the singer Janet Devlin, we even went to Abbey Road Studios to master the film's great original songs.


   We decided to take our passion for music, and our extensive knowledge of narrative filmmaking, and put that into making great music videos for our clients. When producing music videos, we take a detailed reading of the lyrics and meet with the band or artist to develop their ideas, as well as bringing some of our own to the table.


     "The Triskelle team are a pleasure to work with. We made a music video with them a couple of years ago and it looks fantastic.

Very professional when it comes to organisation, but still fun and easy going. I can't recommend them enough."

- Tim Harnor, The Oramics Machine

   We care about musicians, particularly those who are yet to have a lot of exposure - so we will consider music video projects of any size. From intimate and unplugged performances, to epic tales with beautiful locations and costumes (which we will often be able to supply ourselves - check out our costume department!), we want to tell your story. With larger-scale productions, we will help you to develop a script and can even create concept art to help you visualise the finished film.  

    We can cater for every hosting requirement - from IGTV to the cinema screen. We can even supply a behind-the-scenes photographer, who will join us on set to capture new images for the artist's social media pages.


   Prices vary depending on the style and vision of your music video – costs for hiring actors and equipment, for example, will be added onto larger projects. However, we will always offer competitive rates, a friendly attitude and a passion for each and every video we create.






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