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Artist's Portrait Films




For artists and makers who want to take a more personal approach to their marketing...

Often, the most effective way to sell your products or services is to introduce audiences to the person behind the brand; leaning on our years of expertise in creating content for creative businesses, as well as our success in the narrative film industry, we will produce a cinematic miniature documentary which does just that.

With our Artist's Portraits, we take the time to chat with you ahead of the filming day, hearing all about your life story, so that we can tailor our interview questions to you and create an emotive and authentic film that truly represents your personality on screen.

“I would call Sophie [Black, Triskelle Pictures founder] an artist - the editor who creates these videos for me. She edits the footage together, she chooses the music, and gives it a mood... and she really makes absolute magic."


- Cathy Hay, Foundations Revealed

Artist's Portrait Film Portfolio:

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