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Tokos (The Barn)


Robin believes he has a shot at redemption when he gets a phone call from Emily, the woman he regrets leaving six months previously. But rather than a romantic reunion, Emily has another motive for their meeting: she is pregnant, and Robin is the father. She wants to discuss the future, but the shell-shocked Robin chooses a different path, and runs away from her again.

But when Emily goes missing inside a mysterious barn-like structure

– a multi-dimensional building with a new threat behind every door – Robin needs to face all his fears in order to save her. Will Robin be able to rescue Emily before it’s too late? And what lessons will he learn about himself along the way?

Tokos (working title: The Barn) is a fantastical thriller about fear

in its truest form - but it's also a film about love, and the failures of human nature. It takes the classical hero's journey, and throws it on its head. What's more, we believe it could be our most ambitious, most exciting film to date. With our track record of successful short film productions, we believe that Tokos is the next step for our promising film production company - but we're in need of investors to help make this film a reality.

Awards presented to the screenplay so far:

Finalist - Best Unproduced Short Screenplay: Filmquest (2020)

Finalist - Best Supernatural Screenplay Competition: The Philip K. Dick Science Fiction Film Festival (2021)

Quarter-finalist: the ScreenCraft Film Fund (Fall 2018) 

Quarter-finalist: the ScreenCraft Short Screenplay Competition (2019)

Official selection: The Hidden Film Festival Worldwide (2019)

Official selection: Underground Indie Film Festival (2019)


Concept Art by Qingling Zhang

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