"The tape recorder shows your life, and yours alone. What would you like to do?"

- Alice, The Shopkeeper

In early 2012, award-winning director Neil Oseman of Jigawatt Pictures chose Triskelle Pictures to help bring this emotional and ambitious short time-travel drama to life. Stop/Eject tells the story of Kate (Georgina Sherrington - The Worst Witch/ Welcome to Purgatory), who discovers a magic tape recorder in the back of an old charity shop, and uses it to rewind time to try and save her recently-deceased husband, Dan (Oliver Park).

The film went on to be accepted into seven film festivals (including Raindance in 2014), was screened at various curated film nights around the world, and even enjoyed a brief cinema run. It was nominated for three awards - winning 'Best Drama Short' at Underground Film Festival 2015) and was even long-listed for Best British Short Film at BAFTA 2015!

Find out more about the film on director Neil's blog:


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