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Our Privacy Policy

We love hearing from you, but we also respect the data that you supply to us. Here's how it is used:

HOW WE COLLECT DATA: Personal data is only collected when you get in touch via direct email to, or via direct messages on social media (limited to the Triskelle Pictures Facebook page, 'TriskellePics' Twitter account, and 'triskellepictures' Instagram account). This data will be stored in our inboxes and also on digital spreadsheets, which are stored securely on our password-protected computer systems. We do not collect data from any other sources.

WHAT DATA WE COLLECT (ONLY IF SUPPLIED): First and last names, contact details including phone numbers and email address, personal website, links to social media and other professional profiles such as Film & TV Pro / Mandy / Spotlight. We will store this data alongside a written breakdown of why you contacted us and, if you have contacted us regarding job applications, what professional skills you have.

WHAT WE WON'T DO: We will never pass on your data to third parties without your permission. If we do wish to pass on your data (for example, if a relevant opportunity arises with another company, which may be of interest to you), we will contact you in the first instance. We will not contact you regarding topics which aren't likely to be of interest, or which aren't relevant to the work that we do here at Triskelle Pictures. At this time, we do not have a mailing list. We will never add you to any mailing list without your permission.

WHY WOULD WE GET IN TOUCH: Primarily, you'll be contacted by us as a direct response to the messages you send to us. We will contact you regarding the subject you first discussed with us - specifically, if you contact us regarding a film we are making, we will update you on the progress of that film. If you contact us regarding commissioning a music video or other promotional film, we will contact you to see if you would still like us to make that product for you, or to see if you would like another video creating in the future. If you contact us regarding work opportunities with Triskelle Pictures, we will contact you if such relevant opportunities arise.

THE RIGHT TO BE FORGOTTEN: If you believe that we may have your details on file, from previous correspondence, and you wish to be removed from our databases, please email and make that request. We will always comply with your wishes.

ONE FINAL NOTE: When we 'crowd-fund' our short films (solely through Kickstarter, Crowdfunder, Indiegogo and LiveTree), you will be asked to supply your data, and we recommend that you read the privacy statement of whichever funding platform you are using, as it may differ from our own. They will pass your data on to us, and at that point, it will be stored in accordance with our own privacy policy.

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