Over the years, our team has developed a variety of different skills which aren't all advertised on this website. Having written fiction for years, we are happy to offer a second set of eyes on your script. (We also use and recommend the script doctoring services of Tommy Draper).


We are confident in our Offline editing services, frequently using Avid and Adobe Premiere but occasionally using Final Cut as well. If you need us to edit something for you - be it fiction, promotional video, podcast or showreel - we offer this service at the great price of £100 per day.



Or, with our artistic training, we're able to offer professional storyboard services, with prices starting at £200 per page - see right for previous examples of our storyboard work.

You can also rent our equipment at competitive rates. Get in touch for a full list of available kit and prices.

TOP RIGHT: Storyboard frame from The Opening Night, 2010​

BOTTOM RIGHT: Storyboard frame from Ashes, 2012



Triskelle Pictures has a resident Sound Designer, Ian Cudmore, who creates fantastic original scores for us. We also recommend the composing skills of Ben Haynes and Enigmatic Productions.

If you want some great behind-the-scenes photography to accompany your shoot, or even some quality actors' headshots, look no further than our in-house photographer, I C Things.


Looking for a film production or art department service which isn't listed on this website? Contact us, and we can put you in touch with the right person for the job!

Still from Herman Hausen, 2008. Miniature set and stop-motion model skeleton by Sophie Black.

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