ASHES (2013)

Winner - Best Thriller Short - Festigious International Film Festial 2015!

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"When the one you trust most in this world becomes the one that you fear..."​

    One of the most daring short films of 2013, Ashes is a film about the places we go to in our own mind to escape reality. It's a film about all the different thoughts which run through our head in one sudden, life-changing moment. Above all, it's a film about two people who were in love, but cannot look at each other in the same way anymore.

   The film follows Sarah, and shows the world the way that she sees it. When she is happy, the scene is that of Hollywood glamour and perfection. But when she starts to doubt the intentions of Mark, her previously caring boyfriend, the world around her starts to crumble...   ​

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 "Ashes is an inspiring PIECE OF ART. With great cinematography and performances... Ashes is balanced, SOPHISTICATED and moves in a PERFECT PACE. This film NAILS IT. Refreshing to watch."

(Nami Melumad, Judge, Festigious Film Festival)


 "Ashes hits you hard, EXPLODES on your face and leaves you FROZEN ... A six-minute-long film should not be able to achieve something this BIG in such short time!"

(Angeliki Coconi, Unsung Films)


 "The way ASHES is shot, designed and directed evokes the art movement of neo-surrealism... this is a well-acted, SHOCKING film which peels away at a PAINFUL TRUTH."

(Christopher Laverty, Clothes On Film)


"Super INTENSE short film!"

(Nick Peterson, director of Drained)


"In just SEVEN minutes Ashes conjures FEAR, control, awkwardness and LOSS."

(Gorilla Film Magazine)


"BEAUTIFUL and TERRIFYING... a visually stunning and HAUNTING piece... Its haunting beauty,

COMPASSION, fear, dread and dissection of life in the bedroom is WONDERFUL. "

(John Currie, curator of Beeston Film Festival)


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