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"You seem 'life' sad, like you've been sad for a long time... the kind of sadness which learns to live with itself."



Set over the course of a single night, Night Owls is the story of two lost souls coming together. When teenage runaway Mari breaks into the house of reclusive thirty-something Kent, they discover that they have a mutual disdain for their lives, and build the type of unlikely friendship they both sorely needed.


Originally written as a feature script by Sophie Black, she brought award-winning screenwriter Tommy Draper on board to collaborate on the script for Night Owls. It was shot in Chesterfield in May 2014, and is now in post-production.


Pre-order a limited-edition digital copy of the film and help fund our festival entries in the process:





Mari - Holly Rushbrooke

Kent - Jonny McPherson


Director - Sophie Black

Producers - Lauren Parker & Sophia Ramcharan

Writers - Sophie Black & Tommy Draper

Director of Photography - Neil Oseman

Art Direction - Anya Kordecki

Soundtrack Arrangement - Ian Cudmore


Featuring original music by Simon Andrews,

Emmie Chadwick, Mike Hardy, Radioboy

and Scribble Victory.

Poster artwork by Dan Lord at Forecast Designs

To get in touch regarding Night Owls, please do so via the contact page
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