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"You seem 'life' sad, like you've been sad for a long time... the kind of sadness which learns to live with itself."

- Mari


Set over the course of a single night, Night Owls is the story of two lost souls coming together. When teenage runaway Mari breaks into the house of reclusive thirty-something Kent, they discover that they have a mutual disdain for their lives, and build the type of unlikely friendship they both sorely needed.


Originally written as a feature script by Sophie Black, she brought award-winning screenwriter Tommy Draper on board to collaborate on the script for Night Owls. It was shot in Chesterfield in May 2014, and is now in post-production.


Pre-order a limited-edition digital copy of the film and help fund our post-production in the process:



Kickstarter Campaign Video




Jonny McPherson












     Seasoned theatre actor Jonny McPherson is perhaps better known as returning character 'Doctor Cavanaugh' in Emmerdale.


   In Night Owls, Jonny brings together a aura of wisdom and wealth alongside a very human sense of vulnerabilty. We can't wait to share his performance with you!




Holly Rushbrooke












  Having trained in drama and dance at school, newcomer Holly joins Night Owls in her first-ever film role, bringing a fresh young energy to the part.


   Due to joining the project late on, Holly had to memorise the script quickly in order to deliver her wonderful performance.


night owls poster_3.jpg



Poster artwork by Dan Lord at Forecast Designs





Sophie Black











   Returning to the director's chair after the challenging Ashes, Sophie is bringing a real passion-project to the screen: having been working on the script for ten years, Sophie made the film once before - with limited resources, and amateur actors - in her teens.


    She now hopes to bring the beloved story to a much wider audience.



Lauren Parker & Sophia Ramcharan










   Sophia Ramcharan has worked for the BBC for nine years. Her recent film credits include The Grand, which will be screened at this year's Aesthetica Short Film Festival.


   Having produced a successful run of horror films - her efforts taking her all the way to this year's fright fest - Lauren Parker caught our attention due to her specialist skill at securing unusual locations.




Tommy Draper










   Having worked with Sophie on various projects, Tommy Draper jumped at the chance with writing a film collaboratively with her.


   Fresh off the back of his multi-award-winning screenplay for Sascha Zimmerman's Pro Kopf, Tommy says that  Night Owls is 'Totally unique to anything else I have written, both beautiful and painful, this is a screenplay that whenever I read it I want to make it!'


Neil Oseman










   Fresh off his work with us on Stop/Eject and Ashes, Neil returns to Triskelle Pictures as the man behind the lens for Night Owls.


   The 'Spielberg of Hereford'  recently shot upcoming period series The First Mustkateer'. His next directorial film, Amelia's Letter, will be released later this year.



BTS Producers (2).JPG

Dimitri (17).JPG

To get in touch regarding Night Owls, please do so via the contact page

"Night Owls" (2014) behind-the-scenes photography by Elly Lucas, Dimitri Yiallourou & Dan Lord of Forecast Designs.

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